Sally Lewry Janek

I celebrate love and life.


My Story

In our increasingly busy lives, how do we gather to be with one another, to mark and witness the many thresholds that one passes through, during the course of a life? As an artist and writer, I have long been interested in these questions. It was the unexpected direction which my life took however, that led me deeper into this work, and consequently brought me to celebrant practice. 

In the last years of my life I have crossed many thresholds. These have included becoming a mother, marrying and witnessing the death of my partner, followed by gathering with all that loved him, to celebrate his life. While this time has been incredibly challenging, these experiences have brought me into an immediate and intimate relationship with death and grief, and as a result with love and life. Through these experiences I have seen how important ritual is, to the process of navigating such events. I strongly believe these are to be shared and the vulnerability inherent, to be publicly acknowledged and celebrated, for they are what make us, so beautifully human.  

My work is to collaborate with others to mark such thresholds through ritual, which personally resonates for each individual; be that celebrating love and commitment to another, bringing and naming a new life into the world, or saying goodbye and celebrating a life departed. While each of these are particular, there are many crossovers and ways in which they reflect one another. 

Alongside my life experiences, my work as a performing artist, writer and poet feed into my celebrant practice in rich ways. While the work demands a certain level of reverence, my belief is that a good sense of humour will always see you through. As a mother of two boys humour and lightness is crucial to my survival! This is certainly threaded through my work, writing and how I relate to others. I’m inspired by the work I do, and I look forward to discussing how I might facilitate your next ritual and life’s celebration


”Thank you for making it so special and personal”



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I would love to help facilitate your ceremony. If you would like to discuss your wedding ceremony, an end of life celebration or memorial, or other ritual please contact me via the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.