To be honest, we didn’t want a celebrant for our wedding. And then we met Sally. Sally, whose openness and care, whose thinking and words about ritual and holding space matched ours. Sally, who was so charming and charismatic in front of our guests, but who also spoke honestly and meaningfully about why we were all there. Sally, who let us lead the way, and championed our desire to do things on our terms, and who we’re so thrilled was the person who married us.
— Dan and Jake
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Dan and Jake ‘We Do’, Simone Ruggiero Photography



While we all know the general shape and structure of a wedding, I love collaborating with couples to create a ceremony which speaks to who you are. While there are certain legal requirements, your wedding ceremony can be whatever you can dream or imagine. My role is to help you form and write a ceremony which reflects this and to celebrate the love, joy, realness and humour of love and relationship. I let you lead and follow your lead while offering suggestions and support where needed, along the way. My advice is - do it your way! To get in contact regarding your wedding ceremony please head to the contact page. I look forward to helping you to create a fun, relaxed, meaningful and personalised ceremony.